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news 27.05.2019

New "Escape Dinners" come to West Lothian

Linlithgow's very own premier escape room, eeek! Escape Rooms, have launched their new Escape Dinner Concept - bringing the escape room to new venues.

Escape Dinners are where guests can enjoy their meal whilst working together to try and solve all the puzzles at their dinner table - there will be hidden objects and a series of clues and puzzles to solve and everyone needs to work together in order to win. It is hosted by an experienced Games Master and is essentially a live gaming experience for people to enjoy.

There is a ‘head to head’ competition element to the game as tables battle it out to be the first to solve all the puzzles at their table.

This is a new concept we are bringing to Scotland and the first game we have created is entitled ’The Last Bottle’ .

The Last Bottle…

It's been 100 years since prohibition began and it's all cycled back around in the dystopian present where our favourite boozy establishment has but one bottle left. Compete with friends against other dinner guests to win the last bottle of wine!

Can you and your table solve all the puzzles before someone else does?

eeek! Escape Rooms are beginning to make contact with other businesses who may be interested in connecting with them to work on the project.

Contact Ellie for more details on how your business can get involved. 

eeek! Escape Rooms

Set down your modern tools and discover the past by bringing this unique travelling escape room to your event.

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