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news 28.08.2019

Kids Gone Wild launches “Karma” tickets to support for Cash for Kids charity

West Lothian based woodland activity business, Kids Gone Wild, has registered as an official Radio Forth Charity Champion.

Rob Scott-Branton, Owner and Chief Den Builder at Kids Gone Wild comments: “We are really excited to start fundraising for Cash for Kids. We were keen to partner with a charity that makes a difference to the lives of children in our area who need a bit of help.
“Champions can fundraise any way they choose which gives us loads of opportunity to get creative. People will be able to track our progress through our profile page and watch as pennies turn to pounds!”

The Pay it Forward scheme means that anyone buying an event ticket through the online booking system will be offered the opportunity to buy a “Karma” ticket. This ticket includes the value of a space for a child who would otherwise not be able to join in due to financial constraints.
Rob explains: “We will keep the charity informed of how many Karma tickets have been purchased and once we have enough spaces for a full session, we will ask the charity which group would benefit and what type of session they would like. We’ll pack up all our kit and head to them to deliver a fun and memorable event the children and their families won’t forget.

“Everyone is equal in the woods. It is a place to disconnect rediscover the fun nature has to offer. The positive influence this can have on children’s wellbeing shouldn’t be underestimated.
“We hope to inspire children to explore, enjoy and appreciate the outdoors so that they learn to appreciate and care for their surroundings and protect them for the next generation.
“We hope people will get onboard with our mission and buy Karma tickets to help pay it forward.”

Track Kids Gone Wild fundraising achievements here.

Kids Gone Wild

Kids Gone Wild is a family run business offering outdoor and bushcraft activities for ages 2-16.

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