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blog 03.10.2018

West Lothian.. The home of UFO's?

Did you know, back in November 1979 a small piece of land (namely, Dechmont Law) near Livingston was the home of one of Scotland's best known UFO encounters? 

Robert Taylor, an employee of the Livingston Development Corporation, parked up his truck on a road just off the M8 motorway and walked into Dechmont Law. He reported seeing a "dark grey dome" hovering just above the ground, producing a strong acrid smell. At this point, he lost conciseness. Roughly 20 minutes later, Robert awoke - unable to talk and with aching legs - attempted to return to his truck, which would not start. After walking the mile to his house, his wife seeing him in the state he was, called both the police and a doctor. The police initially suspected him to have been assaulted and so began an investigation.

The incident has fascinated people for the almost 40 years, due to the physical evidence and Mr Taylor's testimony as a very respected and credible witness. To mark the significance of the site, West Lothian Council have developed a "UFO" trail, providing a special information board and information on the site.

Dechmont Law is managed by West Lothian Council, and offers amazing views across the region as the highest view point in Livingston. The 66 hectare open space is well-used for recreation, and is popular with local walkers and runners. The site contains an array of nature and wildlife, a location where red deer's and rabbits can often be found. 

 The location is easily accesaible by road and public transport - being just 15 minutes away from Livingston North Station. Further information on visiting the site is available here.

 For further information on the UFO encounter, West Lothian Council have produced two handy guides which are available for download:

Dechmont Law UFO Information
Dechmont Law UFO Map 

West Lothian attracts people from all over earth, so it comes as no surprise that beings from further afield may wish to visit! 

 For a light-hearted guide of the events in Livingston, this video may help..


Visit West Lothian, Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, West Lothian. EH54 6FF UK Registration No. SC346843

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