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Bathgate is a traditional Scottish town with bustling streets surrounded by gentle rolling hills. Let’s discover its past and find out what it offers today. A warm, friendly welcome awaits you in Bathgate. Fly fishing, golf or a trip to the threatre? There’s something for everyone.


At the foot of the scenic and historic Bathgate Hills, the town and its " bairns" ( a term used to denote the townspeople of Bathgate) have played a significant part in our nation's history. From its physical origins in the 12th century when it was a local centre for religious and civil authority - at one time the then "village" of Bathgate had both a castle (now long gone)  and a church - whose ruins can still be visited located a mile outside the town ( opposite Kikrton Public Park) to its development as an agricultural centre whose importance was testified in the 16th century when James VI of Scotland granted it the right to hold a quarterly fair and later on as a centre for weaving - the town's Bennie Museum located in Mansefild Street is a combination of two 18th century weavers' cottages. With the advent of the nineteenth century which saw the construction of the old Academy (in Marjoribanks Street) the town achieved a new status as an educational centre. In addition both Marjoribanks Street and Balbardie are further evidence of increasing Victorian prosperity. Today, the town continues to enjoy a prominent position in the county both in terms of size and importance as a local services centre.

As mentioned previously, some of its inhabitants ( "Bathgate bairns") have gone to play an important role in various fields such as Sir James Young Simpson who discovered the value of chloroform as an anaesthetic;  Rev. John Fleming whose works on zoology even Darwin himself consulted;  Sir George Harvie-Watt who was Winston Churchill's PPS during WWII  to sportsmen such as Bernard Gallagher, Eric Brown and Elliot Bunney to recall that Bathgate has punched above its weight. ....

Bathgate Today

Today Bathgate town centre is a designated Business Improvement District with plenty to offer.

Stroll through the town and explore its wide variety of local shops. From well known stores to small, independent retailers you can select a prime cut of beef, choose an outfit, try on some jewellery, get fitted for your wedding dress or order the most delectable cakes for a special occasion.

For sports enthusiasts, Bathgate has a superb sports center, open to the public 7 days a week offering a state of the art gym, swimming pool, and beautiful 9-par golf course.

Enjoy a spot of fly fishing at Ballencrieff Fishery. Located at Ballencrieff Toll, it offers excellent fly fishing with spectacular views and can accommodate all levels of anglers.

Visitors to Bathgate can enjoy an excellent range of cafes and restaurants.
Choose from traditional Scottish to Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Whether it’s morning coffee, afternoon tea or a relaxing dinner, there is something for all tastes and occasions.

Spend the evening with friends in one of Bathgate’s bars or pubs. The young at heart can take to the dance floor in a popular nightclubs

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Visit West Lothian, Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, West Lothian. EH54 6FF UK Registration No. SC346843

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