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blog 01.02.2019

David Mowbray - Beecraigs Country Park

We caught up with David about his entry to the photography competition to see what inspired him to take the picture.

About the competition

The #MyWestLothian competition was launched to help encourage visitors and locals alike to show what West Lothian means to them. The winner of the competition would feature prominently on the front of our upcoming guide, as well as receiving an excellent photography tuition morning at Five Sisters Zoo to further develop their skills.

About the entry

When and where did you take the photograph?

The photo was taken at Beecraigs country park, Bathgate. A place I love and visit a lot. As well as having some wonderful wildlife it also offers stunning views .This one was taken on the 29th of may 2018.

Was the photo the main reason you were at Beecraigs?

I only really got a camera because I have an autistic son, the idea was to photograph places and people he would encounter. Through this I found I really liked taking photos. I have always been passionate about wildlife and Beecraigs is a wonderful place for that, there are Peregrine Falcons hunting on the hills, colourful Jays and Woodpeckers in the woodlands, the icing on the cake is the stunning sunsets you often see from the parks elevated position.This photo was just waiting to be taken, it was so beautiful. I really just had to press the button.


Beecraigs Country Park

Wide range of activities within 370 hectares (913 acres), near historic Linlithgow. Open throughout the year, free entry.

More of David's Work

If you liked David's work, you can find out more through his Flickr page. 

David also runs the Facebook page "Bonnie Scotland" - available to view here.

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