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blog 02.02.2019

Emma Reid - Linlithgow Palace

We caught up with Emma to hear about her entry of Linlithgow Palace.

About the competition

The #MyWestLothian competition was launched to help encourage visitors and locals alike to show what West Lothian means to them. The winner of the competition would feature prominently on the front of our upcoming guide, as well as receiving an excellent photography tuition morning at Five Sisters Zoo to further develop their skills.

About the entry

When and where did you take the photograph?

I shot the image on the 20th of January 2019 so it was a very cold day. It was taken at Linlithgow Palace as I wanted to shoot long exposures of the water and capture an iconic scene.

What inspired you to take the photograph?

I visited Linlithgow Palace mainly for the competition as I'm a photography student and want to try and new experiences and opportunities that I notice. The Visit West Lothian competition seemed perfect for experimenting with landscape. 

What made you choose this photo to enter?

The location has always been appealing to me as I visited Linlithgow many times as a child and loved it, but I had never taken any photos, so I decided to try it for the first time. 

Thanks Emma!



More of Emma's work

You can find more of Emma's photography work through her Instagram account, available to view by clicking here.

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