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blog 01.02.2019

John Cuthbert - Linn Jaw Waterfall

We caught up with John about his entry to the photography competition to see what inspired him to take the picture.

About the competition

The #MyWestLothian competition was launched to help encourage visitors and locals alike to show what West Lothian means to them. The winner of the competition would feature prominently on the front of our upcoming guide, as well as receiving an excellent photography tuition morning at Five Sisters Zoo to further develop their skills.

About the entry

When and where did you take the photograph?

Linn Jaw Waterfall, early last summer.

What inspired you to take the photograph?

I find water and waterfalls tranquil, peaceful and stress relieving, so having seen some beautiful images of this truly magical place early last Summer I decided to make a visit to the Linnjaw waterfall.

What made you choose this photo to enter?

The reason I chose this image using a dark filtered long exposure which resulted in slowing the flow down giving me a visual interpretation of how it's beauty impacted on me at that moment....

Thanks John!



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