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blog 12.07.2019

Follow the steps of the Dinosaurs at The Centre

This summer you can get more than just your shopping at The Centre!

How do I take part?

The Dinosaurs will be at The Centre right through until 16th August. Pick up a map of the trail from the information point to get started and see how many of these prehistoric pals you can find!

There's 6 big Dinosaurs right throughout the centre, as well as 10 Dinosaurs eggs scattered all around The Centre as an added challenge.

One lucky winner every week will have the opportunity to win a £50 Gift Card for participating in this special event.

Meet Brachiosaurus


The Brachiosaurus is located right beneath the Aerial Adventures sky course. You'll see his head peering around the wall!


Did you know... The Brachiosaurus ate between 200 - 400 kilograms of plants everyday! Ideal for keeping your garden weeds away.

Meet Tyrannosaurus Rex


Tyrannosaurus Rex is the Alpha of the pack!, He stands proud in front of the entrance outside the bus terminal. 

Did you know... the real life Tyrannosaurus Rex weighs an impressive 6-7 tones & is 12.3 meters in length - he'll certainly have got through the wide selection of restaurants available at The Centre!

And the most colourful of them all...

Just outside the entrance to Car Park 1 sits the most animated dinosaur of them all! He's the most colourful of them all, and listen out for his roar..

What about the rest?

We don't want to spoil the mystery of what is within, so get your dinosaur snacks and head on down to The Centre to meet the rest of the prehistoric crew! 

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