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blog 12.05.2020

Military Museum Scotland launches Boots on the Ground Appeal

Whilst the museum may be closed, there's still plenty going on at the Military Museum Scotland in Wilkieston, West Lothian. 

Whilst the Museum may be closed, there's still been plenty going on. Ian Inglis, Manager/Curator, writes about everything new from the museum. 

For anyone that has heard of Military Museum Scotland, or has visited, you will know it is more than just a museum, it's a great and unique education resource, but also a hub for veterans. With the decision to close came new ways of working, with the Veterans Drop in now by phone and social media, keeping everyone in touch in a new way. 

What about the Breakfast Club? That still happens on the same two Sundays of the month, but each of the veterans make their own breakfast at home and post a picture of their breakfast on the new "Breakfast Club" Facebook page - the banter is still always there. The museum has taken a big hit due to loss of revenue, but the veterans are rallying. Ian has used his time to set up and launch a couple of fundraising schemes, to help raise funds to ensure the museum continues to be the place it is for all its visitors. 

Military Museum Scotland

An award winning museum offering a fascinating insight into Scotland's military past. Located in Wilkieston and open 6 days a week.

Boots on the Ground Appeal

A new scheme, The "Boots on the Ground Appeal", has recently been launched to help collect new information from Veterans.

Ian said "Basically we want to tell the story of individual service men and women, who have served their country in the military. Maybe they kept a diary, or when back home wrote memoirs, or they may have a copy of their war record or some photographs. This is what Boots on the Ground appeal is all about, Military Museum Scotland wants to tell the story of these individuals. What we want to do is copy everything, so we have a copy, the originals will be returned to you. We will then put the information into binders and they will be kept in a special section of the museums library for all to access and hear about first hand experiences of life in the military.

At this time of lockdown, many of us have time on our hands, maybe you are having a clear out and come across some paperwork or old photographs, maybe some mementos - this is the kind of thing that Military Museum Scotland Boots on the Ground Appeal is all about. 


How can you help?

One of the key ways of supporting the work of the museum is through becoming a Friend of Military Museum Scotland.

For further details please get in touch with Ian at milmussco@aol.co.uk and ask for information on becoming a friend.

The War Chest Appeal

For those wanting to support the museum on a more frequent basis, a monthly donation of any amount can be set up by contacting Ian on the above details. 


What's next for the museum?

Speaking about the future of the museum, Ian commented: This  year started off so well for the museum, with so many events planned, all on hold for now, but thanks to the determination of myself and the family of volunteers at Military Museum Scotland, we will be reopening as soon as we can and the museum will reopen with a bang. Keep watching. I would also just like to thank all the volunteers and all the visitors that support the museum and make it what it is. Stay safe everyone, see you all on the other side. 

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