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blog 18.01.2022

On our doorstep - Forth Bridges Walk

Iconic, historic and dynamic, Scotland’s Forth Bridges are a wonder of the modern world and they are on West Lothian's doorstep (part of the Queensferry Crossing is in fact in West Lothian!).

Towering side by side over the Firth of Forth, these structures represent the pinnacle of engineering from three centuries and to celebrate our new signage at the world famous Newton View Point (we are reliably informed that President Biden's security detail visited during COP26) we decided to go for a walk.

How did we get on? Read on and find out!

Part One - Meet at the Viewpoint

On a cold day in December, we met at the Forth Bridges Viewpoint at South Queensferry.

The views are extraordinary and the wind in winter is refreshing! 

Before heading out on our walk, we checked out the cafe at the viewing point.

A hot drink is a necessity on a day like this!


Part Two - Over The Bridge

We head down the stairs from the cafe and proceeded north toward the Road Bridge. It's really interesting to see how many cyclists use the crossing!

The view to the north: 

Looking towards the east to the Rail Bridge:

Continuing north-bound:

The love locks with the Rail Bridge in the background. We turned around and this point and headed back to South Queensferry.

Part Three - Under the Bridge

After heading south bound we take a sharp left turn after the underpass to go down the road towards South Queensferry itself.

You get a real sense of the scale of the bridge when you are directly underneath it!

We came across the Forest Kindergarten and decided to walk through the wooded area here. It was very peaceful!


Part Four - Marina

We made our way into Port Edgar Marina.

The shop looked well stocked with clothes and gifts.

We didn't stop for lunch, but the menu at Scott's looked amazing!

We loved these buildings.

Some handy information on what wildlife you could see.

Walking through the marina itself was great and seeing the different types of boats was fascinating.

There are tours you can take from here that will sail out to Inchcolm Island under the three bridges.

Part Five - Summary

  • Our walk around the Forth Road Bridge area was 2.8 miles and took us 1 hour 34 minutes.
  • The terrain was mostly pavement with two short sections of off-road mud, but they could be avoided if required.
  • The route was suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  
  • It was dog friendly and child friendly.
  • There were public toilets at the Forth Bridges Viewing Point next to the cafe. 

Visit West Lothian, Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, West Lothian. EH54 6FF UK Registration No. SC346843

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