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Mary Queen of Scots

The new Mary Queen of Scots film was released on Friday 18th January in the UK. Why not find out some of the history of one of West Lothians most well known residents? 

Mary Stuart was born at Linlithgow Palace on the 7th of December 1542, the daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. In 1548 at the request of her mother Mary was sent to live in France where she lived as part of the French royal family. Mary married the Dauphin Francis and in July 1559 Francis succeeded his father becoming King Francis II and Mary became Queen of France as well as of Scotland. On the 19th of August 1561, Mary arrived home to Scotland, landing on the docks at Leith and took up her reign again in her home land.

  • Mary Queen of Scots Trail
  • Tour

Follow this trail around some of Scotland's finest castles and ruins, to discover where Mary lived, hid and died. Spanning several regions across Scotland, this itinerary will let you explore a wide range of attractions and things to see and do that were linked to her fascinating life.

Local tour company, Mary's Meanders, are offering a Mary Queen of Scots Tour for those who want to find out more about one of West Lothians most famous residents.

Follow in the footsteps of our namesake, Mary, Queen of Scots. Spend a day on a self – guided tour of Edinburgh, visiting Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle, and enjoying the flavour of the Royal Mile. We will provide you with a free information pack to ensure you get the most from your day.

Then join us as we visit key sites associated with Mary, on a fully guided day tour. Begin at the beginning – Linlithgow Palace, where Mary was born in 1542. Imagine yourself meandering around this magnificent “pleasure palace” enjoying the sights and sounds of The Court.

We will also visit the beautiful medieval St Michael’s Parish Church (subject to restricted opening hours) where Mary was baptised and you will see the beautiful new bronze statue of Mary, overlooking Linlithgow Peel.

Then we move to Stirling Castle where Mary herself was brought to be crowned as an infant. This was her home until she was 5 yrs old. Visit the beautifully restored Royal Apartments, where you will usually be greeted by costumed guides. Hear tales of magnificent celebrations such as the baptism of her son, James VI, tinged with sadness, as this is also where she sees him for the last time.


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