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Perambulation of Linlithgow's Marches

The ‘Perambulation’ to inspect old town boundaries or ‘marches’ is an annual civic tradition in Linlithgow, however you can do the route at any time!

It takes roughly two hours to complete and the suggested starting point is St Ninians Craigmailen Church.

Notable points of interest on the walk include Linlithgow Palace, the 16th century Ross Doocot, the Union Canal and Canal Basin.


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Linlithgow is one of Scotland’s most ancient Royal Burghs. Its first charter was granted by
King David I in the 1130s. A tradition dating back to the 16th century is the annual Riding
of the Marches, which takes place on the first Tuesday after the second Thursday in June,
involving the inspection of the extremities of the burgh’s one-time interests at Linlithgow
Bridge and at the port of Blackness. Both locations were marked by Linlithgow Deacons
Court with special march or boundary stones in 2013.

The ‘Perambulation of the Marches’ complements the official Riding of the Marches,
giving citizens and visitors the opportunity to walk the route of a recorded boundary (or
‘marches’) of the Royal Burgh – in this case the ‘Parliamentary Boundary’ as established by
the Representation of the People (Scotland) Act 1832. After the Burgh Police (Scotland)
Act 1892, this also became the boundary of Linlithgow Town Council’s jurisdiction

The walk is 4 miles (6.5 km) long, and passes by seven out
of eight march stones (one original and seven replicas,
installed in 2014) marking the old boundary, as well as many
features of historical or architectural interest, listed in this
leaflet. The lettering ‘LPB’ on the stones probably stands for
‘Linlithgow Parliamentary Burgh’.

The ‘Perambulation of the Marches’ starts officially at march
stone No. 1 in Falkirk Road, just to the west of St Ninian’s
Craigmailen Church. The walk then proceeds in a clockwise
direction round the route as shown on the map inside this
leaflet. This direction of travel is strongly recommended for
safety reasons, whether on 11 June or if you would like to
follow the route at any other time.

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