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Almond Aqueduct to East Calder via Newbridge

East Calder
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This route acts as an extension from the Almond Aqueduct Walk, taking you from the Aqueduct to East Calder via Wilkieston. Note this route continues beside a road which can be quite busy, with at times a single-file pavement, so is best suited for a confident adult walker. 

  • Route Type Point to point
  • Route Time 1 Hour


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    Almond Aqueduct

    You'll start this route on the North side of the Aqueduct (the opposite side to the Car Park)

    15 Minutes
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    Continue by the Canal

    Follow the side of the canal for roughly 20 minutes, heading below the multiple bridges on the route until you reach a short lane to the left

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    Turn left down the lane on to Clifton Road

    When you see the lane on the left, follow the lane and leave the side of the canal. This will take you to Clifton Road. 

    You may wish to use the what3words code to ensure you have reached the right location.

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    Turn right and go under the bridge

    Turn right and head under the bridge which carries the canal. You'll be following the pavement beside this road for roughly 2 miles. 

    45 Minutes
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    Keep following Cliftonhall Road

    Continue following the road, returning to West Lothian. As you continue, you'll see a wide range of sights such as:

    - Forth Bridges (behind)

    - Arthurs Seat (left)

    - Pentland Hills (ahead)

    - Five Sisters Bings (Right)

    And if the weather is particularly clear, on the "summit" of the road (where the farms and houses are) on the left you may even see North Berwick Law and further afield.

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