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East Calder to Almondell North Car Park

East Calder
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This simple route will take you the length of Almondell & Calderwood Country Park, travelling via the Visitor Centre in the middle.

  • Route Type Out & Back
  • Distance 1.5 Miles
  • Route Time 1 Hour

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    Almondell South Car Park prank.less.newsprint

    East Calder

    Start the route at the South entrance of Almondell and Calderwood Country Park. Car parking is available, or alternatively a bus stop is available right outside the entrance. Continue straight ahead, looking out for signs for the Visitor Centre. 

    10 minutes
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    Nasmyth Bridge zinc.amber.niece

    East Calder

    Cross over the Nasmyth Bridge, and turn right at the end following the main pathway which becomes larger. You can also take the riverside path to the right.

    5 Minutes
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    Almondell Visitor Centre breed.wolf.rewrites

    East Calder

    After roughly 5-10 minutes, you’ll have reached the Almondell & Calderwood Country Park Visitor Centre. From here, you can take a break at the outdoor play centre, refresh with a drink or snack from the Café or even make use of the BBQ pits if you have booked in advance. The visitor centre is also the starting point for a number of other walks available on the website.

    If you're not stopping, continue forwards on the same road until you reach the cottages at the end - this section will take roughly 10 minutes with a gentle incline.

    10 Minutes
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    Onwards to Almondell North aviation.cement.feel

    East Calder

    Just after the cottages, look out for the entrance to the Car Park on the left. Head into the Car Park and proceed forward looking out for the Map Board sign. 

    Once you've reached this, turn right into the tree lined higher path. The route continues along here a short distance.

    10 Minutes
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    Continue back to Visitor Centre streak.deflated.myth

    East Calder

    Continue along the tree lined path for roughly 5 minutes until you reach the bench on location 6.

    5 Minutes
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    Return to Car Park breed.wolf.rewrites

    East Calder

    Once you’ve reached the bench, turn left and continue to descend in front of the small hill in front of the Visitor Centre. Turn right past the Visitor Centre and return back to the car park following the same route you came. Alternatively, check out one of the other routes that start at the Visitor Centre to continue your visit.

    15 Minutes
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